I’m going to be a homewrecker

Just a tiny throwback to a few years ago when I fell in love with Palermo and Sicily and started to feel the desire to speak and sing in Italian. It happened when I spent a month in Palermo and was in the company of some great filmmakers and actors to record the video to my song Homewrecker. An incredible experience that gave me an appetite to keep traveling and go abroad to film the musicvideo’s.

Now what do you think about those great Palermitan views?




Ludovico Vitrano/ The Guy

Lidiya Liberman/ The Girlfriend

Daisy Cools/ The Homewrecker

Marco Lodders/ musician

Daniele/ Accordeonist



Nino’s Beach /Cinisi (beach party)

Streets /Palermo

Apartment/Casa Dante in Palermo


Video Crew:

Maarten J. Boer/ director, editor

Mark Beulen/ producer

Ewoud Bon/ camera and light, edit


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