Happy 2018! (and first gig announcement)

daisy cools, ocki klootwijk, guitars

Hey there! All the best for 2018! May it be full of love and adventure. I hope this year started off beautifully for you.

It did for me. I’m looking forward to continue working on the new albums and filming some really exciting footage (more about that soon).

The past year my focus was almost completely on recording and working on my French, Italian and Portuguese writing and singing skills; I’ve been attending classes, meeting very cool people to practice conversation with and they’ve been helping me translate my lyrics.

This year the recording will continue and the release of the four albums will be coming up. One of the things that I’m most thrilled about is that I’m going to be on stage again. There’ll be solo as well as band shows. For instance we’re going to try out the new songs – yes, in four languages – in small theatres. The first gig I’d like to announce will be at a lovely theatre called Mee in Zee Atelier , The Hague.

If you have the chance, I’d love for you to be there. Tickets are available here.

Have a nice day!


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