Teenage mom

Ofélia thinks I didn’t notice and places the gardening glove on the pile of´lost-and-found’. Charles, her son, is jumping around her excitedly, close to high fiving her. It ís a superb asset to their pile of contraband. At about 70 kilometers per hour (rough estimate) they dash away between the cork oaks. I take off my headphones, get up from my sunbed and walk over to the pile. I steal back the glove and while I’m at it, I pick up three socks and a tea towel as well. If you lose anything around here, this pile is where you start looking for it. Unfortunately, chances are it won’t be in one piece anymore. 

About a year ago Ofélia was found in Castro Verde (Portugal), close to our place. She was pregnant and neglected. Luckily the animal shelter took her in and it was there where her puppies were born. When we first saw her there she looked timid, scrawny and old. Thinking it would be good to let her live out her days in peace, we adopted her and one of her puppies. 

She turned out to be a teenage mom. When we got her, she was nearly one and half year old (another rough estimate, made by the veterinarian this time). By now Ofélia has transformed into a cheeky powerhouse. Exactly how a Brittany spaniel should be. She runs outside all day long, leggy Charles never far behind. He’s taller than she is now and has started to resemble a German pointer. Every ten minutes they run in to greet us and then immediately they’re off again. It feels like standing too close to the edge of a railway platform and being surprised by a high-speed train rushing by.

Side by side they race by again. Sometimes I wonder if it’s healthy, how close they are. They do look euphoric though. Two carefree, unworldly bandits playing around, pilfering stuff every now and then. Falling asleep tangled up with each other after a good meal, when the day ends. They’re so cute and funny! All of a sudden, from the corner of my eye, I see something shiny, right behind their pile of contraband. What is it? NOOO! My headphones. Well, what’s left of it. 

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