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The Translation Trip

French Stories

It’s always a good idea to go to France

May 5, 2018
paris daisy cools 1

Writing and singing in four languages. I knew it would be challenging, but right now, in the midst of writing and recording, I can say it’s all- consuming and rewarding at the same time. Oh, and a wonderful motive to go back to Paris! Which I did recently. So here’s what’s going on:   When I first began translating my brand new songs from English to Portuguese, Italian and French I thought that writing the French lyrics would be relatively…

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Portuguese Stories The Translation Trip

Songwriting in Beja, Portugal

May 25, 2017

One chilly morning in February I woke up with this restless feeling. First I couldn’t quite figure out what it meant, but when I finally managed to drag myself out of bed and went outside half asleep to walk the dog it dawned on me: it was time for a break from winter in Rotterdam. Sunrays, vinhos verdes and charming streets…I could almost feel, taste and see it: Beja.   And the best thing about it: it would be the…

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Italian Stories

Seven days of intense failing

September 28, 2016
vuccirìa market, palermo, sicily, sicilia

Writing this whilst listening to: Elisa Toffoli, L’anima vola Location: the apartment at Piazza Castelnuovo, Palermo, see the view in the ultra short video below Drinking: Cusumano, Insolia, Sicilia, white, 2015       “Berrei volentieri un…un….bicchieri di vino bianco e…well” “You would like a glass of white wine, Miss? Dry?” “Ah…si, yes per favore!” I’m sure the Palermitan waiter wasn’t impatient with me, even though it must be frustrating when it takes someone minutes to place a simple order…

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French Stories

I’ve come to tell you I’m going away

September 15, 2016
going away, parc buttes chaumont, paris

Photo taken by Jessica de Ligt during the making of the video for Be Good/The Paris File.  Writing this whilst listening to: Berry, Mademoiselle (album) Location: my balcony, Rotterdam Drink: Viña Tarapacá, Valle Central, Chile, Chardonnay, 2015 A freezing cold evening, February 2011. I’m gathering my stuff which is lying around the small apartment in the 19th arrondissement. Checking every drawer, going through the tiny rooms, packing my bags. I’m about to turn off the radio when I hear a…

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French Stories

Pardon my French

September 5, 2016
french movie

Writing this whilst listening to: Miles Davis, Ascenseur pour L’échafaud (soundtrack) Location: my desk, Rotterdam Drink: Domaine de la Baume, Les Mariés, Sauvignon Blanc, 2012      I finally found a way to sit around watching movies and call it work. Not that I’m actually making money while doing so, but that’s just a detail. And aren’t details easy to overlook?   Watching stacks of movies spoken in the language you desire to speak can be an effective way to…

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Stories The Translation Trip

Translation Trip

August 20, 2016

I’m Daisy Cools, an eternal newcomer living, playing and songwriting in several European cities. Currently I’m working on my next album at Rocktown Studios, Rotterdam. Four versions of an album, actually, cause I’ll translate all the songs from English to French, Italian & Portuguese. And sing them in those languages. A mission that scares the hell out of me and yet makes me ridiculously happy. A translation trip leading up to four albums. Each one of them in one language. French, Italian…

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