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Did you get here through

daisy cools singer songwriter artist

Did you get here through If so, I’m glad you did. Maybe you were looking to find out more about my music or checking if I’d be playing live anywhere near you soon. Thank you for that! We’re making real progress at the studio and I’m already singing the vocals for my new four albums. Yes. Four. You didn’t know? Well, this crazy idea turned out to be such a big project and a huge change for me and…

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It’s always a good idea to go to France

paris daisy cools 1

Writing and singing in four languages. I knew it would be challenging, but right now, in the midst of writing and recording, I can say it’s all- consuming and rewarding at the same time. Oh, and a wonderful motive to go back to Paris! Which I did recently. So here’s what’s going on:   When I first began translating my brand new songs from English to Portuguese, Italian and French I thought that writing the French lyrics would be relatively…

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On stage in March

live, daisy cools

Hey there! Here’s a quick message. A very quick message. 😉 We’re performing live twice this month: March 29th at 19:00: The release of Judith Vissers’ new book ‘Zondagskind’! We’re happy to play two songs in honor of this wonderful occasion at Duduk, Rotterdam. Entrance is free. March 31st at 20:00: The band and I will play a very intimate show at Mee in Zee Atelier, The Hague. We’ll try out some new songs in various languages. There’s a few…

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Live: January 28th – Theatre Stadsgehoorzaal, Vlaardingen

daisy cools

On Sunday, the 28th of January at 14:00 the band and I will perform at Stadsgehoorzaal Vlaardingen. We will try out some of the new songs and I will sing some of the translated versions as well. It’ll be first and I must say it’s quite a mystery how this will work out live. Even though it is a mere coincidence that we’re premiering them in Vlaardingen -which used to be my hometown,- it feels like the perfect place to…

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Happy 2018! (and first gig announcement)

daisy cools, ocki klootwijk, guitars

Hey there! All the best for 2018! May it be full of love and adventure. I hope this year started off beautifully for you. It did for me. I’m looking forward to continue working on the new albums and filming some really exciting footage (more about that soon). The past year my focus was almost completely on recording and working on my French, Italian and Portuguese writing and singing skills; I’ve been attending classes, meeting very cool people to practice…

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Tricked by my father

daisy cools, vinyl, tricked, platenkoffer, vinyl case

    2017. It’s hailing. I’m carrying my heavy guitar and my red vinyl record case to the tram stop, wondering if I’ll be able to make ends meet this month. I’m feeling tricked. By my father.   (around) 1980. My parents drag an abundance of vinyl cases (the red one’s among them) and bags across the threshold. After a long train ride they enter their tiny apartment in Vlaardingen for the very first time. My dad will start his…

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House in the country

Just a few photos of the sweet countryside in France, where I’m currently writing songs. Yes, there’s a cow in our kitchen. Almost. 😉 Have a nice day!      …

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Songwriting in Beja, Portugal

One chilly morning in February I woke up with this restless feeling. First I couldn’t quite figure out what it meant, but when I finally managed to drag myself out of bed and went outside half asleep to walk the dog it dawned on me: it was time for a break from winter in Rotterdam. Sunrays, vinhos verdes and charming streets…I could almost feel, taste and see it: Beja.   And the best thing about it: it would be the…

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Party crasher seeking international parties

daisy cools, party crasher, singer songwriter, rotterdam

The Italian waiter stares at me with glazed eyes. “Piece of cake…?” he mumbles. I nod. I just asked him if he knows how to translate the phrase ‘piece of cake’ into Italian. He doesn’t answer. However, all of a sudden he smiles, turns around, runs towards the kitchen and returns with a large piece of tiramisu.   This isn’t working. There’s not much time left, because my new album will be out soon. In four languages. I’m translating all…

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Plenty of time

daisy cools, portugal, faro

Sunday Morning, 06:45 Rotterdam/The Hague Airport. I place my coat, phone and laptop in one of the white containers. My bag follows on the belt. I pass through the metal detector and grab my things. Holding a coffee and a banana while struggling with a bag that’s about to slip off my shoulder I try to manoeuvre myself into a chair. The flight to Faro is leaving in half an hour. I get my laptop out to work on one…

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