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Teenage mom

Ofélia thinks I didn’t notice and places the gardening glove on the pile of´lost-and-found’. Charles, her son, is jumping around her excitedly, close to high fiving her. It ís a superb asset to their pile of contraband. At about 70 kilometers per hour (rough estimate) they dash away between the cork oaks. I take off my headphones, get up from my sunbed and walk over to the pile. I steal back the glove and while I’m at it, I pick…

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Ofélia denkt dat ik het niet gezien heb en legt de tuinhandschoen op de stapel ‘gevonden voorwerpen’. Charles, haar zoon, springt als een dolle om haar heen en geeft haar nog net geen high five. Het is een mooie aanwinst voor hun berg met smokkelwaar. Met zo’n 70 kilometer per uur (grove schatting) stuiven ze tussen de kurkeiken weg. Ik zet m’n koptelefoon af, hijs mezelf uit de ligstoel en sjok naar de stapel. Ik steel de handschoen terug en pak meteen…

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Tricked by my father

daisy cools, vinyl, tricked, platenkoffer, vinyl case

    2017. It’s hailing. I’m carrying my heavy guitar and my red vinyl record case to the tram stop, wondering if I’ll be able to make ends meet this month. I’m feeling tricked. By my father.   (around) 1980. My parents drag an abundance of vinyl cases (the red one’s among them) and bags across the threshold. After a long train ride they enter their tiny apartment in Vlaardingen for the very first time. My dad will start his…

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Party crasher seeking international parties

daisy cools, party crasher, singer songwriter, rotterdam

The Italian waiter stares at me with glazed eyes. “Piece of cake…?” he mumbles. I nod. I just asked him if he knows how to translate the phrase ‘piece of cake’ into Italian. He doesn’t answer. However, all of a sudden he smiles, turns around, runs towards the kitchen and returns with a large piece of tiramisu.   This isn’t working. There’s not much time left, because my new album will be out soon. In four languages. I’m translating all…

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Plenty of time

daisy cools, portugal, faro

Sunday Morning, 06:45 Rotterdam/The Hague Airport. I place my coat, phone and laptop in one of the white containers. My bag follows on the belt. I pass through the metal detector and grab my things. Holding a coffee and a banana while struggling with a bag that’s about to slip off my shoulder I try to manoeuvre myself into a chair. The flight to Faro is leaving in half an hour. I get my laptop out to work on one…

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