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I’m Daisy Cools, an eternal newcomer living, playing and songwriting in several European cities. Currently I’m working on my next album at Rocktown Studios, Rotterdam. Four versions of an album, actually, cause I’ll translate all the songs from English to French, Italian & Portuguese. And sing them all in these languages. A mission that scares the hell out of me and yet makes me ridiculously happy. A translation trip leading up to four albums. Each of them in one language.

French, Italian and Portuguese. Three fine sounding languages indeed. The thing is, I don’t master them fully yet. Far from fully, if I’m honest. So there you have my problem.

I know this may seem like an absurd plan. But I do have my reasons.

For starters, I’ve come to love the languages! A side-effect of spending six months in Lisbon, seven months in Palermo and three months in Paris performing and writing songs. While I lived in these cities I should’ve used the native tongue in as many conversations as possible. I didn’t. I did try to study them on and off, however. Of course that’s not enough.

So if you’d suddenly start a conversation with me in Italian about anything beyond food, wine or weather-related topics, you’d shock me into silence. I’m determined now to improve my skills in order to have more meaningful conversations. And be able to eavesdrop in as many countries as possible.

Either that or we can just keep talking about Pinot Grigio.

More importantly though: I wonder what will happen to the songs. If the music stays the same, how will the atmosphere be different depending on which of the four languages I use?

On this blog I’ll take you through the process of making the album(s), of translating and hopefully getting better at speaking French, Italian & Portuguese. I’ll explore how I can speed up the learning process of a language, or three at a time for that matter. And I’ll show you Rocktown Studios, Rotterdam where the recording process takes place.

Join me on this translation trip and get in touch, especially if you’re fluent in French, Italian and/or Portuguese. I might be needing your help.

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